Fast start easy implementation

ShoreSuite connects your business with dedicated offshore Australian Trained staff. Our process is easy, transparent, and gives you total control without taking up your valuable time.

Get Started, Keep Going

It’s easy to get started. The first thing to remember is selecting a process that will be fit for your business. Consider if a task can be easily performed over the phone or on a computer and doesn’t have to be client-facing. Your business can be quickly and efficiently relocated offshore once you choose the right partner.

Right away, you will be able to do the following:
  • COST SAVE – Reduce your business’ costs with offshoring. Select your own staff depending on their skill set, significant experience, salary and prospects. See that this will significantly lower your employment costs as opposed to locally employing someone.
  • CONTROL OFFICE SPACE – Save your office space for your core business activity.
  • SAVE ADMIN WORK – ShoreSuite will provide you with the human resources support that you need for your offshore employees such as payroll and admin support to meet all the requirements and follow the labour code.
  • EXPERTISE RETENTION – Your team will be solely dedicated to your company – this will quickly build up their knowledge about how you like things to go about. ShoreSuite will be responsible for providing support in embracing your company’s culture, driving positive engagement, and loyalty to your company.
  • SCALE IN YOUR BUSINESS’ TIME – Soon enough, you will discover that the barriers to starting up are low, it requires no capital investments at all, and conversions are almost immediate.
How Seat Leasing Works Step 1

Define your service requirements

Let us know what you need for your business. Together we will set a staffing plan for you and develop a budget.

How Seat Leasing Works Step 2

Agree your terms

A service agreement will be provided along with an implementation plan to ensure we are all working on the same page. A timeline tailor-made for your offshore team will also be given.

How Seat Leasing Works Step 3

Customise your infrastructure

ShoreSuite has a team of technical specialists working with you in developing an optimal local platform that will meet your business’ needs.

How Seat Leasing Works Step 4

Find your team

ShoreSuite believes that recruiting the right team is the most important step for a business to succeed. Without this, business strategies and goals won’t work. ShoreSuite gets the best people to get the job done.

The recruitment process is quite simple. ShoreSuite will help you on the entire journey in finding the right candidate. You will be presented with the candidates’ resume and a pre-qualifying overview which include the following:

  • Current salary, preferred salary and market rate as a base line for you to consider the value proposition
    The reason the candidate is looking for work, our highlight of strength and weakness.
  • An English evaluation, written & spoken.
  • Attached portfolios, sample work test results if applicable.
  • Upon selecting finalists we coach you on positioning salary and conduct the negotiation on your behalf, setup start date, work schedule and conditions to take to the employment contract,
  • Upon appointment, we complete all the clearances including NBI Police check, Health check & Barangay work permits,
  • Upon commencement we deliver induction training that includes working with Western business, standard policies in System Security, Privacy & Confidentiality, behavioral and ethics, and
  • Finally, we work through your onboarding plans to guide you on strategy and support you with an assigned Client Coach, your go to person for all things Filipino including 180-degree feedback.

Remember, our HR department is your HR department. As the legal employer, we are disciplined in directing you to conduct performance evaluations, one-on-one feedback, supporting engagement and retention strategies, and embracing your company culture.

How Seat Leasing Works Step 5

Tune in to your way of doing business

ShoreSuite will be with you. We will be working with you in training and inducting your new staff. This means guiding them with your company’s culture, workflow, and business objectives.

As part of our onboarding process, we get to fully understand your business and processes. We find the right team for you based on your financial application and business requirements. Each staff member is given the required training, processing, documentation, and support required to provide the following services:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Payroll
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting tasks
  • Other financial and non-financial business administration
  • NetSuite scripting and development

Our HR Department is your HR Department and as the legal employer, we are disciplined in directing you to conduct performance evaluations, one on one feedback, supporting engagement and retention strategies and embracing your company culture.

How Seat Leasing Works Step 6

We are with you every step of the way

To ensure your business’ success, ShoreSuite’s on-ground leadership team will be with you all throughout your journey.

Your new employee is dedicated to your business, works for you, at your direction, embracing your company’s values and culture. Onboarding, training, and induction into your team are just as important as it would be for you employing a new team member locally in your business.

ShoreSuite supports you in issuing day-to-day work tasks and duties, monitoring productivity, providing employee feedback on performance, reward and recognition.

ShoreSuite provides you with the on-ground assistance co-managing your team with the following support:

Australian Account Management and Filipino Client Coaches available to assist you with all things Filipino, communications, 180-degree feedback and managing local issues.

Time and attendance are monitored via a bio fingerprint reader, which is presented to you in real time online via our HR Hub program dashboard. CCTV will be available for you to see your team in their working environment.

As the legal employer, all HR related management must be managed via ShoreSuite HR Department. ShoreSuite endorses several freeware programs such as Time Doctor for you to monitor your remote worker activity, productivity, and project management tasks.

ShoreSuite’s IT Department will help in managing connections, system security, and interface with your business applications, servers or cloud-based connections.

Lastly, whenever you are in the Philippines, ShoreSuite offers an app available for all iOS and Android devices to assist you with everything – from hotels and transport to getting your laundry done whilst in the country.

Let us help you put a plan together.