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JCurve integration solutions for small business

The JCurve integration connector allows businesses to manage customers, products, categories and sales for both Retail and Wholesale customers in real-time.

Specialising in eCommerce connections with platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Big Commerce, Neto, Open Cart, Shoppify and more, our JCurve connector is perfect for small business. Connect your eCommerce store, POS, CRM and many more business applications with NetSuite’s small business ERP offering, JCurve.

The ShoreSuite JCurve Connector is one of the only integration solutions available that includes product and category management as part of the standard connector. An enterprise solution designed for small business budget.

JCurve integration solutions for small business

Customisable and easily integrated


We understand JCurve is a highly customisable ERP designed for small business. JCurve customers do not run ‘out of the box businesses’, as such we understand a standard connector may not meet all of your requirements. Our JCurve connector can be fully customised to meet your individual business needs.

With so many powerful applications available today including web platforms Magento, WordPress, Woo Commerce, Neto, XCart, Joomla and Open Cart, POS solutions like Erply and a range of CRM and business workflow tools including Salesforce and Zendesk, real time data integration opportunities are endless.

Common business processes to start the integration journey


Real-time registration and update of customer information

  • Captures customer details including first name, last name, company name, shipping and billing addresses.
  • Updated fields for customer information and have the same records flow across both systems.
  • Manage Customer Groups and Price Levels from within NetSuite.
Orders, invoices & payment methods

Real-time integration of customer orders

    • Generates a sales order when a registered or guest customer places an order on the website.

Real-time update of shipping and billing addresses at the time of registration and/or placing an order.

    • Shipping and billing address updates at the time an order is placed if they differ from existing shipping and billing addresses.

Real-time integration of payment methods and generation of invoices

  • Orders placed by customers using a payment gateway creates a sales order, invoice and payment records, applying the applicable payment method.
  • Orders placed by customers who select a payment method on ‘account’ or ‘direct deposit’ creates a sales order record in Netsuite.
Tax values

Real-time integration of tax values.

  • Tax Amount (as a dollar value) is pushed on the creation of a sales order.
Discounts, catalogue and cart prices

Real-time integration of discounts created from coupons, catalogue or shopping cart price rules

  • Orders placed using coupons for a discount as a shopping cart price rule will create a sales order (plus invoice and payment record if applicable) applying the discount to the total sales order.
  • Orders placed using catalogue or price rules creates a sales order (plus invoice and payment record if applicable) including the line item discount which has been applied.
Shipping and order status

Real-time synchronisation of shipping and billing details, including shipping methods.

  • Orders placed on the website create a sales order displaying the shipping method selected by the customer at the time of order.

Real-time synchronisation of either the shipping status and/or order status.

  • As the order is fulfilled in Netsuite the website order status is updated in real time sync. The order status and tracking details are updated to the website, triggering order completion emails and ability for customers to Track their orders using tracking numbers entered into NetSuite by your fulfilment team.
Product & pricing

Real-time catalogue management, including long and short descriptions, image file names for FTP look up, SKU’s, attributes and price levels.

  • New product and product updates can be managed and synchronised in real-time.
  • Ability to manage kit/packages as bundle items.
  • Ability to manage matrix items as configurable items.
  • Images are able to be managed by a synchronised file name with look up to an FTP folder housing each image.
  • Manage Attribute Sets and Attributes from NetSuite
  • Manage multiple Price Levels from NetSuite that apply to the Customer Groups in your website
Inventory levels

Scheduled inventory level management and inventory updates from sales orders.

  • Schedule or manually trigger mass updates of inventory levels for products.
  • Real-time synchronisation of inventory levels, on approval of an order, credits memo’s created and inventory adjustments.

More integration data streams worth considering

Multi eStores
Contact form and newsletters
Customer pricing
Customer status
Categories and sub categories
Complex product management
Product images
Order status

Promotions, store credits
Gift certificates, reward points
Multi currency
Multi tax rules
Credit memos
Multi contact records
Complex shipping structures

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