NetSuite administration

Let ShoreSuite help you maximise the value of your NetSuite investment, by providing cost effective NetSuite professionals direct to your business.  ShoreSuite offers a range of NetSuite administration services from one off customisations/ projects to full-time cost effective NetSuite Administrators.

ShoreSuite provides NetSuite administrators that use industry-standard, best practise and expert advice to your business to help maximise your ROI and NetSuite.

Meet Kristel

Experienced NetSuite administrator

  • Customisation project scoping, implementation and testing.
  • Form customisation.
  • Reporting Writing.
  • Implementing and maintenance of integrations.
  • Overall NetSuite administration.
  • User role management.
  • Implementing and managing of Workflows and other customisations.
  • Product champion.

Kristel has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.  Kristel is a NetSuite administrator providing a range of NetSuite services to customers.

“I learn something new everyday”

Retain the expertise within your business

With ShoreSuite you can afford to employ your own NetSuite Administrator to keep the knowledge and expertise in house.

Your own in-house NetSuite administrator can provide the following:

• Problem troubleshooting
• Feature training
• New release support
• Custom scripting & coding
• Day-to-day admin support
• Custom searches and reports
• Form designs
• Project management support
• CSV & XML imports

• CSV & XML imports
• Workflow improvement
• Business process management
• Process documentation
• User management
• Role management
• Change control management
• and more…

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