Endless opportunities in the Philippines:

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Filipinos have an excellent command of the English language. English is the primary language used for schools, businesses, and government agencies. The country has a high literacy rate of 96.5%. Public education is available to the majority of the entire population.

One of the most noteworthy advantages of the Philippines over other Asian countries is the Filipino workforce. Every year, there are almost 350,000 graduates that enrich the country’s professional pool as the government prioritises education and literacy.

Filipinos exemplify a strong work ethic. They are loyal to their employers who invest in them. Employers who maintain good relationships with their employees find that staff turnover is significantly lower in the Philippines than locally.

The country has graduates who have obtained an excellent higher-level education. The country has an abundance of highly trained professionals such as accountants, engineers, lawyers, creative designers, developers and medical professionals.

Filipinos are highly compatible with Western cultures as it has been a U.S. colony for quite a few years. Their familiarity with the Western culture limits barriers, which makes Filipino very easy to work with.

The Philippines has a fast-growing economy with a GDP growth of 6.6%. In addition to this, there has been a tremendous progress made in the quality and reliability of the country’s infrastructure and business support capabilities.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines


Get a taste of the best of sun, sea, sand, and style in a tropical country boasting with the best of Western amenities. The Philippines is an excellent place to call second home to expats who love the company of the friendliest people in the region, the country’s welcoming nature to varied cultures, and a decidedly global outlook. Expats can enjoy accessible and amazing affordable luxuries, such as business centres, housing, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, beach resorts, and several recreation centres.

The Philippines in figures


Capital: Manila

Dialing code: +63

President: Rodrigo Duterte

Population: 100.98 million (2015)

Currency: Philippine peso

Official languages: English, Filipino

Employment Rate: 93.40%

Literacy: 96.50%

Average Family Income: P267,000.00 (2016)

Cartoon images of Filipinos with the Philippine flag

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