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Trained ERP Staff

Never compromise again

At ShoreSuite we help businesses outsmart their competitors by leveraging the skill and productivity of Philippine-based talent.

ShoreSuite can provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) professionals who specialize in managing large-scale organizational activities. They provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for business operations and processes, such as inventory control, accounting, customer relationship management, manufacturing, supply chain management, and reporting. Experience staff are available across arrange of ERP platforms including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor and more.

With ShoreSuite as your offshore partner you can gain access to a larger more qualified pool of talent whilst realising more efficient cost savings with no trade off in quality or service.

ERP Developer
Key responsibilities

Key Responsibilities

  • Installing, configuring and maintaining ERP software systems
  • Diagnosing problems and resolving technical issues, as well as answering user questions and providing training
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the software programs and ensuring they are running efficiently
  • Providing input into the design and development of new software features or design changes related to the ERP system
  • Troubleshooting hardware or network connections related to implementation
  • Performing backups and disaster recovery operations
  • Monitoring usage logs
  • Managing user access levels and security protocols
  • Enforcing security policies
  • Processing user requests for access rights or profile changes
  • Preparing reports for management review
  • Ensuring compliance with internal policies

ERP Administrator
Key responsibilities

Key Responsibilities

  • Designing, building and maintaining Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems
  • Creating web-based applications and database structures
  • Developing code to integrate different parts of an ERP system
  • Develop, test, implement and deploy solutions in accordance to the business requirements.
  • Managing user access and security issues
  • Troubleshooting problems, and providing technical support
  • Training users on software features
  • Customizing ERP solutions for clients
  • Conducting quality assurance testing

ERP Accounts staff
Key responsibilities

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing all aspects of accounting processes within the ERP and any integrated systems
  • Preparing financial statements, including cash flow projections and balance sheets
  • Reconciling accounts and resolving discrepancies
  • Analyzing variances in order to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Generating reports on accounts receivable/payable activity for stakeholders
  • Maintaining up-to-date records in the system
  • Working with auditors to provide data or documents as needed
  • Acting as a liaison between the company and customers to resolve billing disagreements and inquiries
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Great People Taught Well

NetSuite has one their largest training centre globally, based in the Philippines. At ShoreSuite we search and employ the best NetSuite trained people in the country for you. NetSuite developers, scripters, administrators, implementers and general all round NetSuite superstars, trained and ready to join your company.

Gain access to a pool of highly-skilled ERP professionals through your offshore partner ShoreSuite

Take the first step, you will never look back!